Benefits of Coconut Milk Tea

On the off chance that you are depicted as ‘lactose narrow minded’ it implies you come up short on the chemical ‘lactase’ expected to separate milk sugar, or ‘lactose’. Individuals who are lactose bigoted regularly get swelling, acid reflux and loose bowels when drinking and eating milk items. Other stomach related diseases which bring about a summed up decrease of stomach related compounds can likewise prompt the advancement food bigotry’s including milk.Coconut water is the most flawless fluid close to water. Additionally it is stuffed with basic nutrients and minerals that keep your body frameworks running effectively at sound levels.

Like blending coconut water with some cool green tea, include some ice and you have a humdinger of a wellbeing filled beverage. Or on the other hand instead of milk on your morning meal grains, take it with coconut milk tea instead. A fascinating and diverse morning treat.For those of you out there who relish your gainful protein drink, exactly when you are prepared to include water into that blender, stop and reach for the coconut water instead. More potassium and different minerals just immersed your “wellbeing shake.”

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Coconut milk tea is a very heavenly beverage that you can have without leaving the comfort of your city, town, or even home. Coconuts have always been associated with lush tropical islands filled with coconut and palm trees coupled with clear blue waters.

Such settings are enough to put anyone under its spell. However, not everyone has the comfort of visiting a tropical island whenever they feel like it but, no worries, because coconut tea has got your back! You can now fall under the spell of a tropical setting without needing to visit one.

What could be better than coconut milk mixed with organic tea? In a world where almost everything has a mix, it’s no surprise that coconut milk has found its partnership with tea to make things even better! The point of this article is to go into the details of coconut milk tea, and explore this beverage from the heavens, grab your tropical dress, and dive in!

What exactly is Coconut Milk?

The tea part of Coconut Milk tea is pretty self-explanatory, but what exactly is coconut milk? Coconut milk is a product of the white flesh found inside a full-grown brown coconut, which, as you might have already known, is the fruit of a coconut tree. The resulting milk from the brown coconut has a creamy thick consistency and a rich texture.

You will not have a hard time finding coconut milk in most Southeast Asian and Thai cuisines. But the popularity of coconut does not end there, the Caribbeans, India and some South American countries are known to add them to their cuisines. Be wary that this is not a beverage that you can find easily in every coffee place.

One thing to remember is that, when it comes to coconut milk tea, you should not confuse coconut water with coconut milk. The sweet coconut water is found in fresh green coconuts that are not ripe enough to produce the white flesh that the milk comes from.

Coconut water occurs naturally, unlike coconut milk, which is coconut flesh that is crushed and mixed with water. In the end, coconut milk is around 50% water and 50% coconut flesh. When comparing this to coconut water, you could see that coconut juice is approximately 95% water known to contain fewer nutrients and less fat than the milk.


Coconut Milk Tea

Now that you are fully aware of coconut milk, and understand its origins, you should now be happy to hear about the heavenly coconut milk tea beverage. The drink is a caffeinated herbal mix that brings coconut, milk, and green or black tea together. These mixes added all together allow for a flavor-rich and nutritious beverage that is sure to get your taste buds tingling.

Coconut in the drink is rich with saturated fats, vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnesium, and lauric acid. The black or green tea, on the other hand, is known for its antioxidants, polyphenolic compounds, which are rich in many health benefits. Imagine mixing the best of both worlds and nutritious benefits, which turn coconut milk tea into a superfood that packs one hell of a package filled with different health benefits. If you live around the Los Angeles area, and find a place that serves the best milk tea in Los Angeles, be sure to give this drink a shot.

How you can make the drink at home

Let’s say that you do not live in Los Angeles, and don’t have many specialty coffee shops lying around, or are stuck indoors, during this Covid-19 outbreak. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy this tasty beverage at home. Making the drink is not all that sophisticated, and all you will need is a few ingredients lying around. Principal components are; green or black tea bags, coconut milk, and depending on taste, heavy cream. Green tea with coconut milk is often seen as a more health-conscious choice by many, due to the many health benefits it carries.

First, you will need to boil some water in a kettle and add around three, either black or green tea bags. After the water reaches a boiling point, turn off the heat, and let the tea bags sit in the water for around five minutes. Just as you would do when preparing regular tea.

After you have made regular tea, you will need to add a quarter cup of the coconut milk you have. It is recommended that you add a teaspoon of heavy cream, but this depends on preference, some do it, and others don’t. After all of the ingredients have come together, you should remove the tea bags and thoroughly stir the mixture. It will allow all of the tastes to come together.

In the end, how you consume the drink is totally up to you. You could drink while it is hot, or allow it to cool off, and refresh your taste buds! Challenge your organic coffee shop, and get creative with the flavors; nothing can stop you now!

The endless health benefits of Coconut Milk Tea!

In the last century or so, consumers are starting to be self-aware about what they eat and drink, and so should you. To feed the growing population of humans on Earth, companies need to produce goods on a massive scale. Unfortunately, this could mean processed and chemical foods, which may be bad for you in the long run.


Visiting tea shops that serve organic beverages like coconut tea may be a better option than stopping by a fast food joint for a big bottle of sugar-filled soda. Coconut milk tea has many health benefits which will require a more prominent article to cover, but here is a couple.

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